BountyHeart is a mobile roguelite puzzle RPG that combines Match 3 with Tactics. You play as Tobi, a criminal who has been sent to the island of BountyHeart, fabled to contain the Legendary Bounty. The only ticket to freedom is to capture the Legendary Bounty!

Assemble the perfect crew by befriending those you meet along the way, or defeat them for their bounty and strengthen your party.

Whimsical Cast of Characters. 20 different characters with unique abilities to encounter and recruit.
Unique Upgrades to Discover. 50 different items to mix and match to upgrade your character in countless different ways.
Strategic Core Mechanic. Unique core mechanic that is easy to learn but hard to master
Replayable Roguelite Fun. Each run is different! Adapt and strategize based on the choices you’re given.  After winning a run, challenge it again at a higher difficulty!

Game Director - Larry Wu
Lead Producer - Michelle Ran
Lead Engineer - Christopher Ting
Engineer - Alex Obatake
Engineer - Adrian Lopez
Lead Designer - Carter Block
Narrative Designer - Thomas Ling
Designer - Sylvia Shu
Designer - Annie Feng
Designer - Cameron Williams
Lead Artist - Dorian Trinh
Character / Environment / Props Artist - Joanna Luo
Character / Props Artist - Trinity Zhang
Character Artist - Tianyue Gu
UI / Character Artist - Sky Lu
Character Artist - Chaewon Lee
Character Artist - Julianne Lee
Composer - Alexander Meade
Audio Designer - Ivy Xu
Audio Engineer - Yue Yu
Usability Lead - Marcoantonio Muniz
Marketing Lead - Oindrila Mandal

Special thanks to all of the AGP 2021 - 2022 Faculty!

Made as part of the USC Games AGP course

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